Business Start Up

Procrastination and Poor Time Management: Postponements of tasks which the small business owners feel to be unpleasant to perform has made the small businesses to fail. An example of such tasks include following debtors to pay their debts (debt collection). Time management remains to be a challenge for many people who own small businesses.

Be Your Own Boss and Start Your Own Business

If important tasks like delivering products to customers, purchasing stock Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List etc are not handled in the appropriate time, then the business will lose its customers. The above are not all the reasons why small businesses fail, there are more reasons. Visit our website today and learn how to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and make the difference between dreams that come to fruition and those that decompose on the drawing board.

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In the Market for A Business

About half of all new businesses started in the U.S. will be out of business within five years. Or in other words, the long-term success rate for U.S. businesses is only about 50 percent. But how often do business failures go unnoticed? The fact is, most business failures are notice, but they’re ignore.

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