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Depending on the business, a reliable profit of 10% to 30% of total annual sales  Russia WhatsApp Number List already exists as the potential, ongoing profit return on investment of the company. But where is this Profit? Why is it so hard to see, let alone produce? As a small business consultant for a major consulting practice. I was continually amaz at the number of small-to-medium size companies operating with a ledger notebook.

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I was stunned that the computer was used only for internet email, customer letters and office decoration. The accounting software (QuickBooks or Peachtree) was on the computer for tax purposes used by the accountant at tax time. As a consultant I was able to help the small business owners realize the most effective way to run a profitable business was to plan to be profitable.

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By getting the owner to understand that expenses and sales should be plann towards a goal. And events controlled in such a manner as to yield the profit target. By not monitoring the profit and loss statement, the business events control the owners. And management cannot drive process and procedures toward profits.

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