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The bloggers of the Regions Job platform regularly publish quality articles. Whatever the professional and geographic sector that interests you. In the first place, job blogs allow you to highlight your experience, your ideas, and read the thoughts of each other. Discover our roundup of the latest articles published on the platform. Let’s start with the west. Where Lionel calls on his readers to define together the terms manager and leader. at the same time, Words from English, a language that Cindy decided to deepen by going directly to the United States. Recruiters are asking for more and more knowledge of English, and nothing beats immersion in a foreign country.

Let’s start with the west


In the north, let’s start with Antoine, a second-year Accounting Finance Audit student. He has just finished his end-of-year exams and reflects on the inconveniences of these Belgium Phone Number List stressful times. For his part, Pierre-Antoine humorously presents the concept of “hollow speech” according to the “automatic formulator” method, present in football as well as in companies. In the east of France, Véronique introduces us to the complex reality of disabled workers. We also find Stéphanie and Mélanie: the first is a master’s student in Expertise and cultural mediation, the second is interested in this training. Through their exchange, discover the different facets of this master and the job prospects, seen from the inside. Stephanie will pass her interview to access the master 2 in a few days, we wish her good luck! In Paris, Jérôme tries to analyze the different causes of unemployment among young people.

The Bloggers of the Regionsjob Platform

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Belgium Phone Number List


What do you think of his analysis? Jacinthe is interested in the slow feminization of trade names through the profession of director (or director) of purchases. On her blog, Martine highlights the importance of language proficiency in professional life. Whether you live in Rhône-Alpes or elsewhere, Marion’s article will surely interest you if you are looking for a job in research and development. It details the characteristics of the Research Tax Credit (CIR), which can facilitate the hiring of researchers in companies. Marion also shares an intervention by Bob Davids, who tries to differentiate the notions of management and leadership, in English. In the south-east, in the PACA region, Emmanuelle explains the benefits of industrializing her customer support. If you are a seamstress, looking for a job, you will appreciate learning from Franck that Armor Lux is looking for profiles similar to yours to compensate for retirements.

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