The Most Important Thing Is To Build a contingency

The most important thing is to build a contingency plan together with the company’s Hospital Mailing Lists and design alternatives and. Above all. Think about how to transmit this information to the team . What I try to direct to the leaders is: don’t let the team get the flea behind its ear. Full of unanswered questions. This generates fear. Insecurity and mistrust and makes people unable to focus on routine. Still. It is also essential to offer a space for the team to put their doubts. A safe environment to welcome people and their fears.

To Show That You Are There To Hear

To show that you are there to hear what they are feeling. We do not build a relationship with people based only on the professional context. But also on the personal context . I believe that here at Agendor. This relationship brought a lot of tranquility to employees in their daily lives. They weren’t just seen as professionals. But as people. Today. Many companies already know this. Mental health became the 2020 agenda and here to stay . We need to understand people’s journey in its entirety. See more: What are the necessary skills to manage remote commercial teams?

Hospital Mailing Lists

How Can The Manager Create

How can the manager create rituals to maintain close communication with the salesperson who was used to the routine at the office? It is necessary to try to adapt the rituals that we had before. In the office. To the online reality. Will it be a video call. A call. A message? We have different preferences and needs. And a key to success is recognizing them. In this way. The role of the sales leader is to understand the characteristics of their team and discover how communication becomes more effective . For some. One call a week will be enough. For others two. And so on. Some need eye contact. Others are auditory. Others prefer reading. It is very important to understand that there is no one cake recipe that works for an entire team. But.

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