Browsers: Internet Explorer’s Market Share on the Rise

Surprise on the side of browser market shares this month. Internet Explorer would be on the rise according to Netmarket share . Let’s remember that at the beginning of the month version 6 of this browser. Technically totally outdated. Was already in the news by managing to nibble away a few precious tenths of a point in terms of market share… A somewhat improbable trend reversal, and relatively inexplicable. This outdated version of Internet Explorer being abandoned for quite some time already. All versions combined, Internet Explorer managed to gain a few followers, to the detriment of Firefox and Chrome, its two big challengers. Google Chrome, which has experienced meteoric growth, therefore sees its growth pause, and is falling slightly.

Surprise on the Side of Browser


The Mountain View firm had indeed not respected its own rules of the game. Which had forced it to inflict a sanction Bahamas Phone Number List Chrome thus losing a lot of visibility in the search results. But for some time now, the browser market has been moving a lot: nothing is really well established. After addiction to nicotine or alcohol, Internet addiction has become a recurring topic. However, the question is not new: in 1996, Dr. Kimberly Young denounced cyberaddiction at a congress of the APA, the American Psychological Association. In 2012, when the Internet has become widely democratized, what is really happening?

Internet Explorer Managed to Gain a Few Followers

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Among the people surveyed (mainly in the United States), 61% say they are more or less addicted to the Internet. . We note that this proportion drops until the 55-64 age group, before rising slightly for those aged 65 and over (44%). This cyberaddiction is more present among women (64% against 55% among men). Studies even show that people addicted to the Internet are more likely to be affected by other addictions, such as cigarettes or alcohol. In an infographic, discover other data related to cyberaddiction. infographic-addict-internet.

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