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Although this may be true, bring any benefits to the wechat applet. But if they do not, they will face the risk of competitors stealing traffic. How to match the applet with the subscription. Account and service account first, let’s sort out the official definitions of the three wechat public. Account application forms: subscription number. The official positioning of wechat is Argentina Phone Number to read and connect people and information. Mostly used by media, government and other institutions. Service id: connecting people and products. Currently, many e-commerce companies and companies that provide products and services. On wechat use service ids. Mini program: no need to download or pay attention.

We Still Define Argentina Phone Number

It as connecting people and applications. Of course, including all products and services. Then, let’s sort out the relationship between. The three application numbers: the author believes that the launch. Of “mini programs” by wechat is inevitable. The fundamental reason is that the mobile internet has divided too many islands of information. And through the Argentina Phone Number continuous efforts and accumulation of these years, wechat has already owned a considerable number of islands. And has the ability to build islands. Chain conditions. “mini programs” are bridges between islands, while “subscription numbers” and “service numbers” are just routes between islands.

Bridges and Routes, Argentina Phone Number

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Argentina phone number

The volume of the two is completely different. Finally, let’s look at how the applet. Service account, and subscription account are connected.the subscription account can be used as the operator’s information. And content section, and mainly plays the role of content creation and content distribution. The operator can drive the products. And services Argentina Phone Number provided by the applet. Through the content. The service account can serve as the main. Body of the operator’s service. Which can not only provide information content, but also complement each other. With the applet, learn from each other’s strengths. And complement each other’s weaknesses, and mainly play a simple basic service role.

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