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Udima distance university of madrid degree in marketing to. Train marketing specialists with scientific training and. Research skills udima distance university of madrid degree in marketing. To train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills in recent years. One conclusion has been repeated in analyzes of the online advertising market. Google and facebook were getting stronger and stronger. In the advertising market. Therefore, every new dollar that came into ad spending, they took the bulk of the investment. The power of both was increasing and analysts. Were already talking about them as a duopoly.

They were the great kings of the market, the giants that were destroying. Everything and that only another giant. Amazon, some of the recurring theories pointed out) could put a stop to. Its revenues were counted in the billions of Italy phone number dollars and covered. The market in a global way. But now that the advertising market is suffering from the impact of the coronavirus. It is expected that the income of the two giants of online advertising will also do so. And, if the fall is abrupt, those who move larger amounts of money. Therefore, notice the blow in a much broader way.

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Therefore,  are already beginning to point out how much money google and facebook. May lose these months and the figures are very high. Cowen & co ‘s estimates indicate that while both google and facebook. Will still be hugely profitable companies before the end of the year. They will lose billions of dollars from the market slowdown. The amount, they estimate, will reach 44,000 million dollars. Those are the numbers that will vanish from the online. Advertising market amid the coronavirus debacle and that facebook and google will jointly lose.

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The analysis firm has also estimated how much money these. Therefore, companies will lose at the end of the year. Google is now expected to turn over $137.5 billion, down 18% from the previous estimate. 28,600 million dollars would be volatilized in the company’s accounts. For facebook, cowen & co believes the decline will be 19%. It now believes it will end the year with $67.8 billion in ad revenue. A loss of $15.7 billion. Facebook has already recognized the. Impact facebook has already acknowledged that ad revenue has fallen, albeit in passing.

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Therefore, a post on their corporate blog in which they give data on how they. Are seeing the impact of the situation on the use of their services. They acknowledged that the use of messaging. Video calls and live viewings had been increasing. They also recognized that traffic was growing on messaging. Services (not monetizable) and that they were noticing an impact. “Our business is being negatively affected like many others in the world,” they acknowledged . Therefore, services that were becoming more popular are not the ones that monetize. And facebook acknowledged that they are noticing. A “Weakening” of their advertising business “In countries that are. Taking aggressive measures to reduce the scope of covid-19.”

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