Blackout for the Sopa and Pipa Laws: What You Need to Know

The problem has been around for a few years now. Failing to understand the Internet and its uses, governments are trying in vain to control it. China , Australia, New Zealand have been affected in recent years.

France is not to be outdone with LOPPSI and Hadopi, major insults to net neutrality. But what to do with governments that are bogged down in their ignorance? A blackouttook place two years ago in Australia to attract the attention of the general public. In this year 2012, the danger comes from an American bill, the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), tabled last October by the Republican Lamar Smith. But the revolt is already taking place. strike What is SOPA? But why so much hate? Why is SOPA so scary?

The Problem Has Been Around


This bill provides for the possibility for the US government to prosecute any site infringing copyright. Or facilitating piracy, whether or not they are located on US territory. The possibility Jordan Phone Number would also be offered to him to be able to block their referencing on search engines and the payments of their advertising agencies and sites of the Paypal type. The latter would not be attacked if they cooperated with the authorities and stopped their relations with the offending sites.

The first version provided for the blocking of offending domain names by access providers, but this flagship component was abandoned following numerous disputes.  This bill is above all a response from rights holders who feel cheated by a web that does not respect copyright. And who therefore seek more to censor it than to understand it and to adapt their business models…

The Protest Movement

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Even if it means arguing with figures that come out of nowhere . Make no mistake, the protest movement does not claim the right to piracy. It just claims the right to a free Internet and not controlled by state powers or by certain companies. It is above all a rebellion against censorship and the attack on net neutrality . A fundamental freedom that must absolutely be defended! PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo . The protest movement.

The reactions were numerous and virulent. For example, GoDaddy, a famous host, was the victim of a wave of boycotts following its announcement of support for the SOPA law. Enough for them to disengage… Many web giants have expressed their disapproval of the project. This is particularly the case of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn or the Mozilla Foundation. To add weight to the protest movement, today is a blackout day on many sites, American and not. Here are a few. A more complete list of sites on strike is available on the SOPA strike site .

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