Bing Launches Its Advent Calendar

A few years ago you had to wait for the postman. Or the firefighters to come to your house to buy your calendar. Since then, it is possible to create your calendar for free , directly online. But during the month of December, other agendas are in the spotlight. And know it, advent calendars are not just for eating chocolates. They can also be used to have a little fun, and why not win some gifts. Bing, the search engine run by Microsoft, launched its interactive advent calendar a few days ago.

It will accompany you throughout the month of December, even between Christmas and the New Year. Every day, you can discover new content. It can be a promotional video from Bing, or giveaways. calendar-bing On December . Bing released a video showing the main events that marked the year. From Harry Potter records to the Japanese tsunami, including the disappearance of Steve Jobs.

Create Your Calendar for Free


Since Sunday, you can download instructions to create your own personalized Christmas gifts and decorations, or watch videos to make them. Last Saturday, you could Paraguay Phone Number even win a Fiat 500, in partnership with the Italian brand! Besides that, some days reserve more playful gifts: from cool videos to the Spotify playlist, created directly by the Facebook fans of the search engine. In the days to come, Bing will win, among other things: a year of free concerts, more cars, and… a trip around the world. It must be said that for this operation, Microsoft was rather well surrounded.

Between Complex Media, Derek Lam, FIAT, Hulu Plus, Live Nation Entertainment, Lonely Planet and Spotify, the giveaways have plenty to offer.  The Indian government has just asked Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo to check the content sent by Internet users on the web before publication. An astonishing and chilling request, which aims to prevent “ derogatory, offensive or defamatory ” writing, the New York Times tells us .

The Search Engine Run by Microsoft

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This request seems rather official, the minister in charge of telecommunications Kapil Sibal having met representatives of these four large companies on Monday. Beyond the purely liberticidal aspect of this a priori desire for moderation , it is difficult to imagine how to put it in place technically. Especially since the Indian government wants the filtering to be done by human beings, and not by algorithms. People should scan the web in search of offensive content, and prevent their publication… Remember that India has 1.2 billion inhabitants, including more than 100 million Internet users. Facebook has 34 million members there, and Google 100 million users.

Dislike This is not the first time Indian authorities have demanded such things. Last April, Internet service providers were asked to remove content deemed offensive or derogatory by individuals or the government. He had also sought to gain access to data from Gmail, Skype, Facebook and Twitter, to officially monitor terrorist threats or other illegal activities. Social media monitoring systems have already been set up in some cities.

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