Big Gap Between the Front Albania Phone Number

Phone configuration, cognitive habits, usage preferences, etc. If you want users to choose apps. It means that you need to provide more. Valuable content to offset the occupation of their phone memory. Displeased; if you want them to choose. The applet, it means that your applet can fulfill the user’s needs in the easiest way. 2. What does mini program mean to front-end and back-end developers? Front-end engineers will usher in a wave of dividends . The first thing to be  Albania Phone Number clear is that java can solve a growing number of domains. After the catalysis of wechat applet, more and more people in china will learn and use it. Moreover, the learning curve of java is not steep, and the learning cost is not high.

Anyone with a Little Albania Phone Number

Basic knowledge or a novice user can take this opportunity to learn more about the basic knowledge of java. At the same time, through the introduction of tencent’s internal front-end development engineers, this time wechat’s applet writing syntax. Draws on the capabilities of java and html. Those who have learned java will have certain Albania Phone Number convenience. But because it follows wechat’s own set of frameworks. This the framework also wants to simplify the entire development process as much as possible. At the same time, wechat is also based on the x5 kernel of the qq browser. The x5 kernel is based on chromium37. The technical innovation is not very big. So it is estimated that some people. Who have no java foundation but have open experience can also get started soon.

Back-End Programmers Albania Phone Number

Albania phone number
Albania phone number

Will not lose their jobs and will be more focused from the news of the applet to the numerous. Dissemination content, there is always a joke. That “the back end will lose their jobs”. However, the emergence of wechat mini-programs. Has indeed “taken away” most of the jobs. That originally belonged to the back-end, but the jobs Albania Phone Number that have been. Taken away are all parts that are versatile. And can be replaced mechanically. The general back-end logic will. Be replaced by services like wechat. For example, the user system has been well replaced by the user system of wechat. This is not only the trend of wechat mini-programs, but also the development. Trend of the entire back-end.

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