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I spoke to a number of Dutch scale-ups (20) and start-ups (50) who were Georgia WhatsApp Number List clearly satisfied with the quality of the visitors. The numbers behind it are the number of planned exhibitors, at the last minute a number of parties decided not to come along. This because Georgia WhatsApp Number List of Covid but also because of the travel restrictions and, for example, quarantine. The common denominator from the conversations with them: there are not as many visitors as usual, but good conversations. They are also found in the media. All in all happy, but tired faces at the end of the fair.

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The start-ups and scale-ups have been well represented for Georgia WhatsApp Number List years thanks to the efforts of (nowadays) RVO and the Consulate in San Francisco and of course Constantine van Orange (not present this year unfortunately) as Tech Leap figurehead of and for Georgia WhatsApp Number List the Netherlands. big vs small Did I miss the big companies that didn’t. Only had a digital presence? No, but CES 2022 is too much and too big to cover everything. The smaller companies (not just the Eureka Park participants) received more attention and that’s a good thing.

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Georgia WhatsApp Number List

The big players have their own events and channels, something a Georgia WhatsApp Number List start-up in the Netherlands often does not have (or from any country for that matter). NXP I also stopped by NXP , who traditionally stand in front of the LVCC halls. Always with a booth outside and very visible. NXP has shown new technology in recent years, making it a popular stand outside the convention center. This year the ‘booth’ was also there, but they have switched to only customer appointments. People still have to get used to the fact that they can’t go in, and still try to arrange that.

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