Behind the Glorious Poland Phone Number

Behind the glorious record of 91.27 billion yuan is the fruit of tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses who stayed up all night. To fight andĀ  Poland Phone Number vomit blood. In these traditional e-commerce platforms, the early traffic dividends. Have become a thing of the past. In order to obtain traffic from tmall and, Poland Phone Number merchants have. To compete for capital. Today’s double eleven carnival is actually a feast for 30% of large and medium-sized. Businesses, and a nightmare. For the other 70% of small and medium-sized businesses. A few years ago, someone did. A statistic that the top 100 big sellers during the double 11, that is, 1% of the double 11 merchants, accounted for. More than 50% of tmall’s sales that day.

Businesses Will Continue Poland Phone Number

To accompany them and become victims. Of the peacefulĀ  Poland Phone Number shopping carnival. When the grand festival of the national shopping carnival fails to bring. Benefits to small and medium-sized businesses, and when more Poland Phone Number more small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford direct. Trains and cost-effective gatherings, people cannot help but reflect. Where is the way for small and medium-sized. Businesses to survive? Is it to follow the trend and join the giants. And continue to be squeezed? Or build a brand moat and find another way out? Traffic entrance is changing, seize. The time window to adjust traditional e-commerce. Some merchants have calculated an account.

Today, the Cost Poland Phone Number

Poland phone number
Poland phone number

Of acquiring customers on platforms such. As tmall and has been Poland Phone Number expensive to tens. Of yuan or even more than 100rmb. The big brand owners have to bear it because. The profit of the product itself. Is high enough (for example, the profit of moutai is as high as 3-50%). Acceptable. However, due to the lack of Poland Phone Number strength, small and medium-sized. Brand owners face multiple difficulties. Such as large brand squeeze, loss-making promotion, poor capital turnover. And difficult operation on the traditional e-commerce. Platform. The mobile internet era began to seek a new way out. The social e-commerce that has emerged in recent years has been sought after by many small. And medium-sized e-commerce companies. In this context.

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