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Although this may be true, early as 2014, nielsen networks released. The “mobile social user demand and behavior research report. Showing that 90% of users use mobile Qatar Phone Number social apps every day. In the mobile internet era, traffic is concentrated on social apps. With this intention, many businesses see the opportunities. In the event that, and the traffic entrance is Qatar Phone Number ┬áchanging. In recent years, from micro-business. Community e-commerce to social e-commerce, many explorations of social. E-commerce are getting rid. Of the control of traditional e-commerce giants on traffic, and ali. Tencent and are not to be outdone. Taking advantage of social e-commerce. Businesses have not yet risen in time to make arrangements.

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Although this may be true, three major characteristics from the previous. Network model, showing decentralization, fragmentation, and scene-based. The traffic Qatar Phone Number monopoly that traditional e-commerce. Giants depend on has been broken, and the giants. And small and medium-sized. Merchants have been brought back to the Qatar Phone Number same starting line. In traditional e-commerce transactions. With this intention, who have shopping. Needs must first open the e-commerce giant’s website or app. And then shop on the products recommended. By the e-commerce platform. Among them, if the merchant. In the event that, to reach the user, he must first deal. With the e-commerce giant and obtain the other party’s recommendations. Can generate a steady stream of sales.

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Qatar Phone Number List
Qatar Phone Number List

In other words, transactions on Qatar Phone Number mobile social networks. Spread through social chains, and the central model of traditional e-commerce. Has disintegrated. In the social e-commerce model, human traffic assets form two. Completely different models from. The traditional e-commerce “land rent”. With this intention, -commerc Qatar Phone Number ndustry has experienced the 1.0 traditional e-commerce and 2.0 mobile e-commerce era of “land rent” e-commerce. Giants control the traffic, and small and medium-sized. Businesses must buy “lots” on the platform. Although this may be true, they want to develop. In the event that, innovation of internet technology. The change of user behavior habits, and the dispersion of traffic entrances.

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