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The Net Explo forum , an excellent observatory of innovation and the latest digital trends, took place last month. Arnaud Pottier Rossi , from the Kalaapa agency , attended, and gives us his report here. Here is the first part! Arnaud 10 years spent in an HR & Corporate communication agency (The Link Factory then HR Gardens – Euro RSCG group), in the press (Publications Métro) and in in 2010, he joined Cécile Ponchel, expert in Public Relations and Media, to found the communication agency Kalaapa (Means in Sanskrit: “Who binds things together – who creates a link”). Talent aggregator, Kalaapa offers its services in HR and brand communication employer Mondial Assistance, UCPA, etc.), in BtoB/BtoC Brand Communication .

Tracking of People During Events


In the first place, It is notably co-organizer of the RMS Conference (Social Media Recruitment Conference). And of the cycle of conferences “OSER, the conference.” The 6th NetExplo Forum took place on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 March at Unesco. I had the chance to be invited Hong Kong Phone Number List to this event (thank you Thierry Happe) and I would like to share with you one of the highlights of these days. Created in 2007 by Martine Bidegain and Thierry Happe, under the high patronage of the Senate.

Partners and members, the media and political leaders. The forum is an opportunity to present observations, highlight a selection of 10 winning projects (out of the 100 analyzed per year) and present the long-awaited Netexplo Trends.

This Study Was Under the Leadership

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Hong Kong Phone Number List


This study is not there to analyze the digital demand of consumers and citizens that we are in 2012, but to analyze the “offers” proposed in the 100 projects of innovative and international companies selected this year. In other words, where do digital creators want to take us? So there are 5 major trends this year. 1.Track & profile 2. The Crystal World 3. ID Drama 4.

Sway Capital 5. Match Marketing netexplo.JPG 1. Track & profile We have entered a race to create increasingly sophisticated personal data. Indeed, everything started with the simple declaration of geographical location (Geolocation), to which the notions of activities were associated (I buy such a sweater from such a merchant), to derive towards a tendency of identification of the person, his personality, his health…

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