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What Facebook has done is improvd this notice by reesigning it to make it clearer so that the member has a better understanding of why the content is ratd false and to warn them of future action against them in the form of penalties should they share more false information. Facebook’s announcement explaind it like this: “We currently notify people when they share content that a fact-checker later rates, and now we’ve reesignd these notifications to make it easier to understand when this happens.

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The notification includes the fact-checker’s article debunking the claim as well as a prompt to share the article with their followers. It also includes a Kazakhstan Phone Number List notice that people who repeatdly share false information may have their posts move lower in News Fee so other people are less likely to see them. Reucing the Spread of Misleading Content Facebook is documente to be well tune to removing spammy, graphic violent content and adult content. Much of it was reportd to be caught by Facebook’s automatd systems. Removing content at the level of the individual is a new front in an ongoing war against false information.

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