At the top of your sales funnel remember it’s about building

awareness, so keep talking about what makes you unique. Walk viewers through the behind-the-scenes values ‚Äč‚Äčthat define your company, how you invest in innovation and/or community, or how you take care of your employees. First American cares about its employees and they wanted to show how much with this video the different benefits they offer to the people who work for them: Dive deeper: * 8 videos you can generate from an interview with your CEO * 10 inspiring promotional campaign video examples for startups Educational videos Want to prepare your audience for a possible sale by giving them information they will really appreciate? Use the very powerful educational video format to provide useful information on an issue that interests your viewers.

Keep in mind that even amid an overflow of entertainment-focused

content, many viewers are looking for content that will make them smarter. In fact, if you market your video properly, you might be able to get your video to show up in search results when people are actively searching for content on your topic. Using the short duration of your Norway Phone Number video to help them better understand a specific problem shows that you are committed to sharing knowledge to improve people’s lives, not just to make a sale, and prepares them for the next step: solving the problem. problem. Sumitomo creates educational videos, like this one, which help the viewer to buy winter tires if they don’t know what to

look for, in order to position themselves as a leader in

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the field of tires: Lifestyle Videos Lifestyle videos at the top of your sales funnel can help position your brand in the viewer’s everyday life. Connect with your target demographic with messages and visuals that feel familiar and even personal. Show real people grappling with the pressing problem your business solves, then reap the rewards of investing in a solution (your brand). Finally, use your characters and words to evoke the emotions a customer might feel once they’ve added your product or service to their life.

Adrenaline Shock needed a fun and exciting lifestyle video to launch their new energy drink brand: Problem/Solution Videos If you want people to know all about the unique benefits of your product that make your customers feel like they made the right choice when choosing your brand, a simple problem/solution video is the way to go. With problem/solution videos, you can highlight a pervasive problem and then demonstrate the ways your product or service provides relief. Since we’re still in the “courting” phase of the marketing funnel, you should spend most of the video highlighting the problem,

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