Article Compiling Strategies

Co-marketing with non-competing companies with the same VP IT Email List. 3. Before writing content. Test topics on social media. 4. Write long content. The hypotheses Compiling stuff done by other more recognized companies will bring some of their traffic to our blog. Collaborating with other companies will expose us to their audiences. Testing topics on our audience will give an indication of the topic’s popularity and justify whether or not to produce that content. Good and complete content is associated with good SEO and higher conversion rates. 4.

Prioritize The Hypotheses

Prioritize the hypotheses As urgent as you are. You can’t test all ideas at once. You’ll want to start with the idea that has the most potential and is. At the same time. The easiest to execute. The categorization according to the RICE matrix – Impact. Trust and Effort helps you to create this order of priorities. 5. Test hypotheses with the greatest impact and least difficulty Put the hypotheses into practice. In order of priority. In a controlled environment – that is. You must be able to monitor the results. One of the most used techniques in growth hacking is A/B testing. Which pits one content variable against another. And reveals which is the best hypothesis (see guide with examples here ).

VP IT Email List
VP IT Email List

Analyze The Results Gather

Analyze the results Gather the results and validate the hypotheses in light of the kpis. If the test was successful. Apply it on a large scale. It’s also important to understand what happened when an idea fails. So take note of the factors that may have led to the failure. That way. You won’t have to make the same mistake later. 7. Apply the winning hypothesis on a grand scale Got a green light to go ahead? Don’t waste any more time. Develop content publishing and distribution processes that allow you to reach your personas quickly and automatically.

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