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Behind them are those who make money from paid social (21%), searches (17%), other marketplaces (13%) and display advertising (12%). 6% are not clear about where that money comes from. In addition, and given that most advertisers still dedicate a very small part of their advertising budget to amazon, there is still significant room for maneuver and growth. How do they advertise and who does the work? What are the advertising formats most used by brands that advertise on amazon? Statistics indicate that search ads are the most popular. 87% use sponsored products and 68% those of sponsored brands. Display ads are next at 57%.

Likewise, it is also interesting what the study says about who and how the campaigns are managed. Nearly 40% of these advertisers already Jamaica phone number a person or team dedicated exclusively to advertising on amazon, either within their own marketing team or through an agency.Udima distance university of madrid degree in marketing to train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals.

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Access now infoadex has presented the “Study of advertising investment in spain 2020”. In this new edition, understanding that the classic classification into conventional and non-conventional media has partly ceased to reflect the reality of the market and after a thoughtful analysis, it has been decided to change them to controlled media and estimated media. The first being those in which the declarations provided for the preparation of the data are also supported by the insert-by-insert monitoring that infoadex performs daily, and the latter with estimated figures exclusively based on the data provided by the market.

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N addition, for the third consecutive year infoadex provides data on social. Networks within the digital medium, trying in this edition to refine it a little more. As a novelty in 2020, infoadex has signed an agreement. With an expert social networks company thanks to which it will access a large database. That the company will then take care of homogenizing and that will. Allow the market to finally have better information about how distribute.S the investment in this medium. The control starts on facebook, instagram, youtube and twitter. With the idea of ​​​​expanding it to linkedin and tiktokin the future. This control is currently in the. Testing phase and data will begin to be provided through our online tools in the coming weeks.

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For the rest of digital, a new follow-up has also been , already available to users from february 1, with greater coverage and benefits. Also included for the first time in the study is data on native advertising; this information is currently in the media, although there would already be a part that infoadex would control directly and in the future it could be to the controlled media. There are also changes in this edition in the coverage of exterior and radio. In abroad , the dimension of the total market has been thanks to an in-depth investigation of the registration data of a total of 45 companies in the sector that operate in the spanish market. And information on average airports is.

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