Another Example Is This Contact

Another example is this contact form that appears in pop-up format on the website. The Founder Email Lists “I want to get in touch” suggests that this email will start a dialogue and not just be an automatic request. In the end. We reinforce that our services are exclusive to the Technological sector of the B2B segment. To filter requests. How to write this style of copy? Know your audience and understand the persona’s needs. This is the starting point for writing strategic microcopy that improves user experience and website effectiveness. At the same time. You should analyze the site’s usability patterns and identify flaws that can be filled with more accurate copy.

Use Short. Action-Inducing Sentences

Use short. Action-inducing sentences with an active voice. Users read. On average. Only about 20% of the content on pages. Therefore. Microcopy is especially important to capture the attention of the most elusive users. Impress the brand personality. Microcopy is still copywriting. Which means it should contribute to reinforcing the brand image. Even in short sentences. Be sure to be recognizable and memorable. Do not overdo the amount of microcopying. Microcopy is a short informational text and works best when it is assertive. Excessive microcopy loses its purpose. Which is to be easily noticed. To capture attention and to lead to action. Small tips for writing Microcopy? Write directly to the reader (not the general public) Before writing. Think: how do I speak?

Avoid The Passive Voice

Avoid the passive voice Reinforce the end goal and avoid the entire process until you get there Few words (but avoid abbreviations) Don’t be authoritative. But say exactly what the person should do Follow the same communication tone of voice as your IT company Top 4 reasons to use Microcopy Concise text. Objective communication and highlighted content improve usability by 124% . Effective microcopy generates more website interaction . By indicating next steps. You encourage users to complete those steps and visit more pages. Microcopy not only triggers action. It also creates empathy . Users associate positive characteristics with brands that make them laugh or surprise them.

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