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Analysis of competing products: mobike mobike vs ofo shared bicycle. Business overview comparison mobike ofo comparison 2. Comparison of the actual Paraguay Phone Number situation of the app mobik. Has occupied the red sea, while ofo has not yet entered the provincial capital. Detailed analysis of product architecture and product function diagram (1) mobike mobike app architecture diagram. Mobike app architecture diagram Paraguay Phone Number app function use flow chart: mobike mobike. Has a high level of hardware, powerful app. Functions and clear operation. According to the product architecture diagram. It is not only limited to the information of nearby vehicles, but also can search. Whether there is a bicycle in a certain place. Although this may be true, can use the function of “reserving a car” to break the doubt. Of whether users can use a car. When they reach their destination.

Kano Model Analysis, Paraguay Phone Number

This function is a charm function , optional, but if there Paraguay Phone Number will greatly improve the user’s experience. It known from the product information map. That the [torch] function can be turned on. When n driving by scanning the code. In the app, which is convenient .for users to scan the qr code in the dark without Paraguay Phone Number having to operate the mobile phone to open it. This function belongs to the basic functions. Mentioned in the kano model . Without this function, users. Who scan the qr code in the dark. Although this may be true, be very anxious. It is worth mentioning that: search for mobike. Patents on the patent search and analysis. Website 28 patents have been applied for, including: motors. Motor systems and charging and braking methods. Horseshoe locks, anti-theft monitoring equipment. And monitoring methods for two-wheeled. Or three-wheeled vehicles, etc.

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Paraguay Phone Number List
Paraguay Phone Number List

That the innovation strength of mobike is very strong. The patent query Paraguay Phone Number results are as follows: 11 in general, mobike’s app is more of a function. To help users better find bicycles and to quickly. Unlock the car. To better solve the “last few kilometers. Mobike has been sincere. (2) ofo shared bicycles app architecture diagram: ofo app Paraguay Phone Number function use flow char.ofo ofo bikes have neither surprising functions. Although this may be true, even basic functions, so the experience. Really needs to improved. It is known from the product architecture diagram & infographic. That since the current version of ofo vehicle. Does not integrate gps module, the positioning function relies. On the user’s mobile phone to take the position. Of the end point of the bicycle. As the final positioning of the bicycle.

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