Aliaz Business Card for Your Digital Presence Is Out!

We announced the release of a new Regions Job service in private beta a few days ago.  Aliaz has been open to everyone since noon. You have been more than beta testers to register so far. A big thank you to all and even more to the many users who gave us constructive feedback. This opening to the public is only a first step in the construction of the service. Premium accounts will arrive soon and will offer those who wish it a clean domain name, more precise statistics and additional models.

Speaking of domain names, we have VIP accounts to offer you to celebrate the release of aliaz, more information on this subject at the end of the post! What is alias? aliaz aims to become a resource center on the subject of digital identity. The first step is to provide a space for centralizing its various online presences.

Democratize Digital Identity and Support Internet Users


Like a virtual business card, it allows you to briefly introduce yourself and direct Internet users to the links and documents you want to highlight. Templates are offered for easy set-up, but you can also choose to customize everything from link color to layout to Austria Phone Number List background image. Here is an example with my alias . Democratize digital identity and support Internet users.

The goal is to reach a wider audience, increasingly concerned about the issue of digital identity.. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and a profile.

Win Gifts to Celebrate the Release of Aliaz

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Austria Phone Number List


Administration has been simplified to make it accessible to everyone and provide the most professional results possible. aliaz_12.PNG But aliaz is not going to stop there. Regions Job has developed expertise on the subject of digital identity for 5 years, with the opening of a job blog platform, the creation of this blog, collaborative ebooks, surveys dedicated to the subject… We intend to make you benefit from this experience. ” Digital identity, what importance for our online presence?”“, the third on digital identity.

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