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Their love story is not simple and, in different shots in which a renault car appears as the stage, it unfolds until the final moment, the happy ending that closes the narrative. The ad quickly went viral and achieved millions of views on social networks, being shared massively and becoming news. The scope of the campaign for renault was very positive. And that’s what these narrative ads are looking for. As the times reminds us , ads that tell a story aren’t exactly new.

After all, we’ve already seen them in commercial breaks for decades. What changes is how they are thought now and where they work. Sometimes they are advertisements with a slightly longer duration (those of the christmas lottery in the Armenia phone number┬ápast had editions of several minutes designed to be seen on youtube, for example) designed so that the consumer sees them on the internet at their own pace and so that they are then shared on the network. The story captures the consumer’s attention and what matters is how it unfolds. The presence of the brand works as a final element, less intrusive.

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It is the blow that comes when the consumer has already with the story and its protagonists and when they have already become emotionally with them.One of the great issues that have the media landscape during 2019 has been what has been dubbed the streaming war. Vod platforms had become a more than emerging power in previous years, positioning themselves in front of television. Now that their dominance was clear and that it was increasingly seen in a more unquestionable way that they had taken over their land (putting traditional tv in a position of crisis), the market has pivoted towards another big issue. The war is not now the one that pits television against streaming, but the one that is lived within streaming.

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That was the war that was in the foreground during the last twelve months. The industry was struggling for positions in that market. Netflix, amazon and hbo had already launched their products globally years ago and had established themselves as market players. Other players have been trying to carve out their own niche and try to get a piece of the audience pie. The last to launch platforms have been, with a very offer in terms of content although global coverage, and disney, which has only been in a few markets but has already achieved significant media coverage (the viral success of baby yoda has helped ).

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Several traditional american television giants have also announced. During 2019 that they are going to launch their own vod platforms. And that they will try to capture part of the audience with. It (something that the european giants will end up imitating, although they will surely do so in a slipstream). They will face, yes, a saturation in the market. Consumers are becoming fed up with paying for so many. Subscriptions and are more reluctant to sign up for new services. But if the fight for the audience and to present new services and fashionable. Content set the agenda during 2019, it will not necessarily do so during 2020. What marked the market during the last 12 months. Is not going to be what will do it during the next 12.

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