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Despite the echo it has, however, the emotional announcement of john lewis is running out of steam. It may have been insisted for years that john lewis is the ‘christmas ad canon’ but his campaigns over the last two years were the least successful in emotional connection with consumers. And, as you remember in the analysis, perhaps it is simply a problem with the two advertisements, but perhaps it is that the market is actually changing and that consumers are already looking for something different. Consumers would have become saturated with the crying ads and they would have stopped working. The fact that the ads that have already been released have changed the tone and the idea would show it.

Even one of the ones that clearly plays with the emotions of the new british ads, one from argos, does it with nostalgia, using its catalogs of christmas things so that 80s children – now adults – connect with the products, 80s music in Ecuador phone number between included. In the race for dominance of the streaming market, one of the great points of tension is that of advertising. It is also the one that matters the most and has the most impact outside the streaming industry itself, since for companies and brands it can become one of the great sources of tension.

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Advertising is their main way of reaching and connecting with consumers, but it’s also one where vod is creating new problems. As consumers migrate from tv viewers to streaming platforms, advertisers are losing viewers. They are also ‘eyes’ that are not being incorporated into the new media, because they are arriving without ads (which is, on the other hand, one of the main reasons why consumers value these platforms). Analysts have been pointing out, however, that the ad-free model of these platforms is quite unsustainable, since the costs of producing content are very high and the prices that consumers pay for it are very low. Advertisers, for their part, have also been favorable to advertising.

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The appearance of new platforms and the fact that viewers are already entering. The exhaustion phase they are no longer willing to pay more. Also makes the freemium model, free or low-cost content but with ads. Seem almost inevitable. The platforms, yes, are resisting and the big launches. Are coming without advertising. Apple tv + does not include ads. Despite a low price, and the disney platform. The most anticipated of the final stretch of the year and that will. Arrive in a few selected markets in the coming weeks. Also announced that it would do so under a model of payment.

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But will it really be? Because in the final stretch for its launch it has been revealed that, from the outset, disney + will incorporate advertising, although in a limited way. The announcement with which disney will be released disney will show an ad on its launch of the starz cable tv channel. Advertising, as reported by the us media, will not be very invasive. It will be a unique promotion. They will only see it once and they will not see it during the viewing of the contents. In fact, disney will reward those who made the service before its effective launch. Presubscribers will not see the ad at all.

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