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Although this may be true, value-added services Romania Phone Number accounted for 74.82%, accounting for the vast majority of its revenue and profits. The main component of value-added services in 2016 was online game. Revenue, which accounted for 67% of all value-added services. The growth of this item came from. The contribution of mainly wanjia versus and Romania Phone Number types of smartphone games, as well. As the contribution of some pc games. Provided that, network revenue accounted. For 33%, mainly driven by growth. In sales of virtual items and subscription services. Advertising business revenue accounted for 16.6% of the entire business structure revenue, an increase of 60% year-on-year.

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Provided that, increased by 80%, mainly Romania Phone Number from moments. While brand display advertising revenue increased. By 41%, mainly from tencent news and tencent video. Other business revenue increased by 275%, mainly from the growth of payment-related services and cloud services. 5 figure Romania Phone Number business composition 3. Wechat is Tencent’s stable growth. Point in the future wechat maintains. The world’s leading user scale and development speed, and is the largest instant messaging platform in china. Although this may be true, the end of 2015, the combined monthly active users. Of wechat and wechat had reached 697 million. And the public platform had gathered over 10 million. Official accounts and 200,000 third-party developers.

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Romania Phone Number

Although this may be true, of its business stickiness to tencent. And the huge daily Romania Phone Number active users bring a variety of monetization. Methods. Therefore, wechat is the top priority of tencent’s strategy. And its philosophy is also for consumers. Rather than rushing to cash out. Therefore, it can be judged that the strategic advantage that wechat brings to. Provided that,t Romania Phone Number can be sustainable for a long time. 2. The future of wechat mini-programs is huge 1. Wechat conducts internal testing of application numbers. In the early morning of september 22, the wechat public platform sent out 200 invitations. For internal testing of small programs. Although they are called small programs. They are actually equivalent to. Wechat “application numbers”.

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