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The new industry code of conduct, created at the request of the spanish association of digital gaming (jdigital), states that active athletes will not be able to participate in bookmakers’ advertisements. The industry has also limited the use of celebrities under the age of 25 in its ads or those who participate in children’s spaces. This last point is especially noteworthy because bookmakers have begun to be very present in the advertising content of youtubers, influencers who have a direct impact on younger consumers. An estimate by el confidencial from a few weeks ago pointed out that dozens of spanish youtubers of all sizes were promoting bookmakers online.

Many of these videos had disappeared, removed directly by youtube, after an investigation by radio renascença , a portuguese media outlet, made the problem visible. The youtubers were not only promoting online gambling, but they Cayman islands phone number were doing it from bookmakers that did not have a license to operate in europe, as pointed out by the portuguese media. An estimate from april this year indicated that investment in marketing and advertising by bookmakers had increased in the last year. In 2018, 300 million euros had been spent on different marketing and advertising actions.

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In the campaign of the last general elections, the political parties. Already included the regulation of the advertising of bookmakers in their proposals. In several european countries, more restrictive laws have already. Been for the advertising of bookmakers. The year 2019 is not being good for advertising investment. With little more than a month to go until its closure. The zenith vigía panelists, media managers and media groups. Still hope that there will not be a decline, although this would require strong growth in this last quarter. ,

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Of the order of 7%, something that does not seem to be happening. In recent years, the last quarter has been the strongest of the year. Due to seasonal campaigns to support commercial events such as black friday. Cyber ​​monday or shopping for christmas and kings. If zenith vigía’s forecasts are. We will live two practically flat years: growth of 0.4% is expected for 2019 and 0.7% for 2020. We have lived through a complex year, with a high degree of uncertainty. Both at the national level (repeated electoral calls, long talks without government agreements. Budget extensions, conflict in catalonia,?) and at the international. Level (a “Brexit” that never closes, establishment of tariffs by the united states,?).

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Uncertainty and instability are not good for business in general and particularly for the advertising business. The advertising sector itself is undergoing a strong transformation towards digitization and more personalized messages. At the moment, the increase in investment in digital media does not compensate for the drop in analog media. The panelists answered the questionnaire throughout the month of november. In some cases they did so before election day and in others after. Learning of the pact between the psoe and united we can to form a government. And even after learning of the ruling in the case of the eres. The forecast growth for investment this year is very similar. To inflation (october’s cpi stood at 0.3%), so it could be said that there will be no real growth.

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