Acta: Content Course and Risks of the Treaty

Last-minute information: as we were about to publish this article, information has just fallen. The European Commission finally decided to seize the Court of Justice of the European Union. She wishes to ensure that the ACTA Treaty is not, “in one way or another. Incompatible with the fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms of the European Union. Such as freedom of expression, information or data protection” . Even if it is a little early to declare victory. Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht may have just buried the ACTA treaty by asking the opinion of the CJEU. The latter recently recognized that copyright is not superior to other rights. In recent times, laws aimed at strengthening authors’ rights have multiplied.

As We Were About to Publish This Article


It started with the United States, with the proposed SOPA and PIPA (Protect IP Act) laws.  If the law were passed and applied, sites suspected of violating copyright Bahrain Phone Number List rules or facilitating the transgression of copyright laws could be sanctioned by American justice; whether or not they are domiciled in the United States.

Second part of the bill, the US authorities could force other sites to “no longer collaborate” with the site targeted by the procedure. Thus, Facebook should block the registration of a page bearing the image of the targeted site.

It Started With the United States

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But what do the main web players in the USA think? ACTA-demonstration Companies such as Google Facebook Twitter. LinkedIn and others are indirectly included in the procedure resulting from the SOPA law. From the moment a treaty is intended to be signed by several countries located in different economic zones. The ratification process is both long and complex. Digital identity takes on a unique dimension when you are looking for a job. A very particular misadventure happened to Elina


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