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According to the data disclosed by weibo. In the 2016 v influence Egypt Phone Number summit. On weibo alone, the average number of live broadcasts per. Day was 260,000, the number of daily viewers was 5.38 million, and the number of daily interactions was 70.13 million. Moreover, in addition to the traffic blessings that are popularly Egypt Phone Number recommended by weibo apppush and weibo live square, yizhuan’s parent. Company’s other two products, miaopai and xiaokaxiu. Have also given yizhuan enough traffic suppor. So the rise of yizhuan is actually this kind of the gameplay of the product. Ecological matrix allows yizhuan to gain a traffic advantage. And this traffic advantage also helps yizhuan. To be at the forefront in terms of traffic monetization.

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Once pointed out: “momo itself is Egypt Phone Number a platform. With 200 million users, so the cost of acquiring. Traffic is lower than other platforms, and momo’s own social attribute. Are also more conducive to user retention.” this is basically consistent with. What zhang yi, ceo of iimedia research consulting, said. There are more than 200 live Egypt Phone Number broadcast platforms in the market. Only a few companies such as momo and weibo (yizhuan) have achieved profitability. The reason is that only the real active. User scale can bring payment. Income. And whether traffic can be effectively converted depends on: 1. Whether the acquisition cost of live broadcast users is low enough.

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Egypt Phone Number
Egypt Phone Number

A smooth transition from weibo without Egypt Phone Number re-establishing. Social relationships, and meitu users. Have also experienced a smooth transition from short. Videos, beauty cameras and other products to livestreaming. 2. Whether live broadcast is a strong demand of existing users . For example, a live broadcast user can seamlessly Egypt Phone Number interact with friends. And fans on weibo via live broadcast. This kind of open social interaction has a higher demand for live broadcast than users of alipay and wechat. 3. Whether existing users can be converted into consumers . The biggest difference between users and consumers. Is whether to pay or not. The consumption of a single paying user of momo live reached.

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