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This point is worth thinking about by more companies. There are 2 trends to watch: 1. Gamified applets stimulate social interaction. One hop and one hop will stimulate. The micro-relationship chain again. Game applications relying on mini-programs. Will become a very important social connector in 2018. Of course, you can also spend some time. On marketing France Phone Number and promotion, and use gamified. Mini-programs to engage community fans. , pk up. From the upgrade of the new version. Of wechat to the opening of the 2018 wechat open class, zhang xiaolong used hop. To talk about mini programs and mini games. Mini-programs based on mini-games. Will become a very important communication. Content in wechat groups and wechat moments in 2018.

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A very important entrepreneurial opportunity. However, it is not easy to participate as a brand. With implants. Once users enter the game, they are basically. Addicted to the pk of the game scene. Suggestions. For mini program marketing relying on mini-games. Itle scene prop implantation content implantation prize redeem. Brand custom France Phone Number games i will not describe. It in detail here, and i will have the opportunity to open an article or share. It in class in the future. In addition, in addition. To mini-games and mini-programs. There are of course more other directions. As a platform, it will not be limited. By the same token, as mini-program e-commerce. Among the opportunities for small programs. You can consider a small function, such as the popular.

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France phone number
France phone number

By the same token, more opportunities the independent official. Account app that can create content. At any time on the mobile phone, and the appreciation. Of the change from the official account. To the author after the return is enough to prove that wechat attaches. Great importance to good content and high-quality. Authors. The change of casual France Phone Number creation will speed up. The speed of content update, and at the same tim. There may be changes in the length of the content. Hotspot quick reviews and marketing by taking advantage of the situation are more suitable. For completion on the mobile phone. On the evening of january 17, tencent penguin held. The “golden penguin night” in beijing, and proposed. New platforms, new empowerment, new content, and new algorithms”.

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