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Therefore, the past few years, there has been a change in how things are viewed, and ad platforms have started to offer more tools to control where ads appear. Does this mean that fake news is no longer profitable? The truth is that not exactly. They move a lot of money as an investigation by the financial times has just shown , the most popular disinformation sites in europe not only continue to exist, but also continue to benefit from online advertising. They continue to be part of the network of spaces that have ads managed by google and continue to make money in a notable way.

According to the conclusions of the global disinformation index, the agency responsible for the study collected by the ft , the european fake news industry takes 75 million dollars in advertising revenue every year. Many of these ads are managed by google’s online advertising platform: they are ads from its adsense network. Ad networks are South korea phone number list acting and while this is happening, the advertising platforms, as much as they promise and as much as they assure, are not taking effective measures to block this from happening. “It’s not easy for google and other platforms to make these decisions themselves,” clare melford, the co-founder of the global disinformation index, told the ft.

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If they block these disinformation platforms, some linked to russia and others to extreme right-wing groups, they fear they will end up being forced to take down other sites that are not fake news spaces. “If they shut down a state-sponsored site, for example, then they might have to pull france 24, which is owned by the french state,” adds melford. Therefore, 24 is a ‘serious’ medium. For google, adds another expert, this whole situation is somewhat terrifying, so it prefers to consider all media innocent from the start, even if they are benefiting from disinformation. Google, for its part, has criticized the study. He believes that the estimates are not correct and that the methodology is opaque.

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Udima distance university of madrid degree in marketing to train. Therefore, specialists with scientific training and research skills acl directpromo. We know about relational marketing we are experts in loyalty and incentives. We like to create unique experiences for the media, the coronavirus pandemic is having. A complicated effect on their business data. Covid-19 and its expansion have forced citizens. To stay at home, either by general recommendation. As is the case in several countries – or by legal obligation – as is already the case in spain.

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Therefore, or france -, which has increased news consumption figures. Television is a perfect example of this situation. The television channels are registering. All-time highs in audiences in spain. Practically doubling the hours. Of viewing that users dedicate to them on a recurring basis. On the other hand, however, the media live on advertising. Therefore,  have a very important part of their income in it. But in the midst of the context in which we find ourselves. Advertisements have become one of those issues in which companies cut. It is one of the usual behaviors in difficult times. Therefore, the economic crisis of recent years has directly and practically demonstrated.

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