A Single Information Vehicle

Whichever format you choose. A microlearning module must be confined to an activity. Resource or format. It can be a game. A discussion. Simulation. Quiz. A pdf or an interactive video whose purpose. Regardless of the format. Don’t try to pass the same information in two different ways. It forms part of a broader learning strategy. The microlearning modules are self-sufficient in their theme. But are part of a broader training strategy. And so on. At the outset. Microlearning is ideal for technology companies.

It Is Recommended For Companies

It is recommended for companies whose products or services are frequently updated. As the Marketing. It also makes sense if you are introducing new systems or processes in the company. Such as an Inside Sales methodology and its respective sales processes. Also apply if you are preparing a change in the company. Such as a rebranding . Adoption of ecological measures or new forms of internal communication. Experts also recommend using microlearning in teams with varying skill levels.

Because They Are Focused And Flexible

Because they are focused and flexible. Microlearning resources can be deployed to specific members to supplement their knowledge. Reasons to use microlearning in technology companies Want to reinforce an information. Message or training A microlearning module is often used to reinforce knowledge acquired through more traditional business training. As they are didactic information nuggets . They can be used in a practical and fast way to increase information retention. Let’s say you do a complete training for a Customer Success team in a given month.

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