A New Version for the 5th Anniversary of the Blog

The Moderator’s blog has just celebrated its 5th anniversary! The RegionsJob employment blogging platform too. To mark the occasion, we had to do something. And it will be… A V3! This third version is released more than two years after the previous one. For the occasion, many things have changed. A logo has appeared, you will surely have noticed it. New categories and subcategories have been introduced. With 3,500 tickets on the counter, it was indeed time to make your life easier and allow you to access the content more simply! The place given to aliaz, our digital identity centralization service, is bigger. The same applies to our ebooks and guides, published regularly and accessible free of charge, which will be highlighted on the homepage.

The Moderator’s Blog Has Just Celebrated


And above all, the blog has moved from Dot clear to WordPress. As a reminder, here is the old design: We hope you enjoy this new design and especially the content that will be added regularly! A big thank you to the many readers who have been following us for 5 years, to the bloggers and Australia Phone Number List users of Twitter and Facebook who relay us regularly. And especially to Nico who took care of the integration and migration from Dot clear to WordPress, to Christophe for his many optimizations and Grégory for the design. Not to mention the rest of the Regions Job team! Do not hesitate to give us feedback. The blogosphere offers many interesting spaces, it’s all about finding the right addresses! Here are the blogs that we like to read on a daily basis for the wealth of their analyzes and monitoring.

We Hope You Enjoy This New Design

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Do not hesitate to visit them from us! Publigeekaire : advertising and geeks, a delight. Be Geek : magazine on high-tech news in the broad sense. Fredzone : tests, news and decryptions with a verve of its own. Welcome to the Fred zone! Plug’n Geek : geek culture, gear, games… Good articles from Montreal. Ya graphic | SEO blog : SEO, SEM and SMO blog. Blogmotion : advice and geeky curiosities. Around the web : the web is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to come across! Web news cocktail : news about web tools. Freeware & tutorials : free software and tutorials. Keeg : Internet and SEO blog. Marketing and Technologies : operational marketing and information technologies. Web 2.0 and Techno Marketing : web 2.0, high-tech and gadgets. StephaneGillet. web and geek. Marketing on the web : social media and social networks. Bug Brother : excellent blog on the surveillance company.

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