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A limited partner is granted limit liability as long as the partner does not participate in the control of the partnership business. Limited Liability Company is an entity having one or more members, organized under State statute Netherlands WhatsApp Number List. Limited liability companies have all the powers of natural people, which include the ability to transact business. Sue or be sue, make contracts, own and transfer real estate, and issue stock subject to limitations.

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Compliance requirements for a limited liability company require more formality in formation and operation, such as, filing Articles with the State, filing a Statement of Information with the State, obtain an agent for service of process, and establish an operating agreement. The liability of a limited liability company is limite for all its members, managers and officers.

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As long as the State’s statutory requirements are follow, the members. Managers and officers of the business are not personally liable for any debt. Liability or obligations of the business arising in contact, tort or otherwise solely by being a member.

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