A Manga Dedicated to Android

You had to think about it… The Japanese did it! A manga dedicated to the Android universe is now available as a supplement to the Weekly Ascii computer magazine. Each character is inspired by a smartphone brand using the Google OS. There are 5 main female characters: Moto-Laura-chan (Motorola), Sam-Sung-chan (Samsung), HT-Syee-chan (HTC), Elle-G-chan (LG) and Soni-Eri-chan ( Sony Ericsson). The icing on the cake, a student (male this time) embodies Apple and the teacher is none other than Mr. Google. Everything thus sticks to the news, it deals with both Ice Cream Sandwich and Japanese latecomers on this market, also represented by characters.

A Manga Dedicated to the Android


Only problem, “Hana no Andoroido Gakuen” (Sweet Android High-school in English) is only available in Japanese… It will therefore be difficult for you to enter the Google universe thanks to the manga. You can always console yourself by looking at the images.  When we Malta Phone Number are present on a social network, we can generally give permission to certain applications to connect to our account to perform certain actions. Messages on our Facebook wall, on our Twitter feed, use of our data from LinkedIn… These are often temporary uses to benefit from the service.

You Had to Think About It

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But these permissions remain active and accumulate over time. Do you really want to give free access to your Ad vitam æternam accounts to third-party applications? Logically no. Especially since it is the period of good resolutions. To help you in your quest for cleaning, the My Permissions siteoffers you one-click access to the sharing settings of the main social networks. Choose the site concerned from the 8 proposed (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc.) by clicking on the appropriate icon. If you are logged in, you can then delete the permissions you do not want to leave with one click. What do you chew the work. Do it regularly!.

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