5 Tips for Successful Professional Integration

As part of the debate of the month on the professional integration of young graduates in progress. Here are some tips for getting your first job issued by the AFIJ. AFIJAFIJ is the Association for Facilitating the Professional Integration of Young Graduates. It was created in 1994 with the aim of facilitating and improving. The professional integration of students and young people from higher education. On the strength of its missions and its support, the AFIJ now has 55,000 young people registered as well as a solid network of 18,000 loyal recruiters and 1,850 local and national field partners. It is established nationally in more than 50 university towns. You can follow the news on the AFIJ website but also on the news blog .

How Should I Make My Cv, What Should I Put in It?


Far from an easy task, the search for your first job often turns into an obstacle course. Structures such as the AFIJ then intervene with this public through training workshops, mock interviews or even contacts with the business world. Each year, the AFIJ welcomes more than Italy Phone Number List registrants who come to find their first job, internship or work-study contract. Focus on a few tips and tricks for getting into the job market. How should I make my CV, what should I put in it? In all the CVs that recruiters receive, there are two elements to take into account, the form and the content. The background of course depends on the studies and the experience of the candidate, pre-professional experiences, internships, associative experiences… This must be highlighted, hence the importance of the form.

Is an Application Letter Still Necessary?

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The form is what the recruiter sees first: is this CV pleasant to read, easy to read? If so the recruiter will read it, if not, chances are the recruiter won’t read it. But what is a pleasant and easy to read resume? It is first of all a CV for which the recruiter does not have to make an effort to read, an effort to find the information he is looking for. This requires a good presentation, a sober presentation of the CV. “Design” CVs are to be reserved for positions in which a certain amount of creativity is required…

The CV of a young graduate is a page on which the recruiter wants to find information on the background and skills of the candidate. The training must be presented in an effective way, we should only detail what is necessary, but on the contrary we must not be too simplistic: for a young graduate, training is an important element of the course.

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